☞ 일시 : 2018년 6월 20일(수) 오후 3:00~
☞ 장소 : 화학관 103호
발표자 전공 발표시간 논문제목 지도교수
Miao Xu (2014420002) 물리화학 15:00~ Polymer-coated ultrasmall Gd2O3 nanoparticles as MRI contrast agent 이강호 교수님
임동완 (2014420004) 분석화학 15:25~ Investigating Structural of Compounds in Heavy Oils by combination of Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS), Theoretical Collision Cross Section Calculation and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) 김성환 교수님
이원재 (2014420006) 무기화학 15:50~ Study on Enhanced Energy Storage Properties and Catalytic Activity through Nano Structure Control of Titanium Oxide 백승민 교수님
Bhadra Biswa Nath (2015326434) 물리화학 16:15~ Metal-organic framework composite derived TiO2@porouscarbon: A highly active catalyst for oxidative desulfurization and denitrogenation 정성화 교수님
Kuklin Artem (2015326509) 물리화학 16:40~ Transition metal nitrides- and tetraoxa[8]circulene-based two dimensional materials A. Pavel 교수님
정아림 (2015327188) 무기화학 17:05~ Study on the crystal structures and properies d10 metal coordination polymers based on polypyridine ligands 민길식 교수님
김동휘 (2016322553) 분석화학 17:30~ Development and Application of Paper-based Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Characterization of Spilled Oil and Humic Substance 김성환 교수님