Manobendra Das

Interaction of atomic and molecular hydrogen onPd modified ZnO surfaces using UHV chamber

Manobendra Das, Chang Min Kim
Natural zinc oxide (ZnO) contains a lot of hydrogen in the bulk and interstitial hydrogen is believed to be incorporated during crystal growth and/or by the dissociative adsorption of H2molecules in the atmosphere. The adsorption of hydrogen and subsequent diffusion into the bulk has been studied extensively both experimentally and theoretically.Although, natural ZnO contains a large amount of dissolved hydrogen is generally employed to place H atoms on the surface for the study of the interactions between hydrogen and ZnO.We have prepared the ZnO(0001) surface adsorbed with 0.1 ~ 10 monolayers of Pd to induce the dissociation of H2 molecules. We will present the effect of Pd on the dissociation of H2molecules on the Pd/ZnO surface and subsequent diffusion into the ZnO bulk.