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- Nurturing global basic science talents to lead the future chemical industry

Ideal human resources

- Talented people with chemical expertise and creativity
- Talented people who create value in the global society
- Talented people who have developed social responsibility and community awareness

Educational Objectives

- Training chemists possessing practical expertise and creative thinking
- Developing global leaders possessing global sense, challenge spirit and initiative
- Fostering social leaders possessing social responsibility and cooperative ability

Since its foundation in 1951, this chemistry department has a long history and tradition. Chemistry is one of the basic sciences that studies the structure, composition, properties, and changes of matter. In order to study and educate chemistry efficiently, this department is divided into four fields: physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Each field offers research fields and majors that match its characteristics.

In accordance with the policy of science, which the country is aiming at, it is trained students to cultivate high-level professional manpower so that it can easily adapt to private business R&D as well as national research institutes.
Professors in each field receive a lot of funding from outside, conduct research day and night, and publish a lot of research papers in the international journal magazines.

Graduates of this department are active in not only universities, research institutes and companies throughout the country, but also those of many advanced countries.

This department has a separate room with various instruments such as IR, UV, GC, LC, NMR, Raman Spectrometer supported for research. We are also actively utilizing the analytical instruments in KNU Instrumental Analysis Center and KBSI for research and education.

In the evaluation of the chemistry departments of universities in 1993, this department was recognized as an excellent department in both the undergraduate and graduate schools.

Students of the chemistry department are supported by various scholarships from out- and on-campus, and graduates’ association.